Custom Homebuilder

The bottom line is most people think flooring companies are all the same, but Fabulous Floors truly is different and the difference is the professional service they provide from the inception of the project to the incredibly accurate estimates, logistics planning, and superintendents that oversee every job detail with crews that have all been in the flooring business a very long time.  No one at Fabulous  Floors is a rookie. Everyone has been doing whatever part of the business they do for the biggest part of their professional lives. It's truly unparalleled service and knowledge.
Cory, Custom Homebuilder

Corporate Project Manager

I've had a very long relationship with Fabulous Floors and one of their best qualities before they ever start installing is their incredibly accurate bidding whereby they catch problems on the plans and bring them to our attention before they even start the work, always giving quantities so that the client really knows what is truly being bid.  Offering this kind of information gives me a confidence that I am only paying for exactly what I need .  It has instilled a lot of trust, and provides me with vital information that I need to make a good decision on going with one flooring company over another.
JohnCorporate Project Manager

How’s Your Life Today

As you know we have the best flooring experts in the world, not to mention the fact that our family and team members are all people who give back to the world in various ways.  We hope to inspire some positive outreach to those less fortunate with this song, 'How's Your Life Today', so please forward to others in your network, and be sure to 'like' us on youtube….and help us help the world….one person at a time…..Joel